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Frozen Ready Meals

Yutaka Frozen Unagi Grilled Eel 250g - Soonfung
Sold Out
Dee Frozen Khanom Chan Pandan Flavoured Dessert 250g - Soonfung
Dee Frozen Mango & Sticky Rice with Coconut Cream 180g - Soonfung
Sold Out
Charoen Pokphand Prawn Wonton Soup 145g - Soonfung
Sold Out
J-Basket Japanese Grilled Eel With Sauce ( Unagi Kabayaki ) 255g 日本冷凍鰻魚 - Soon Fung LTD
Sold Out
Ajinomoto Chicken Karaage 500g - Soon Fung LTD
Freshasia Shell On Head Off IQF Crayfish Tail - Spicy Flavour 250g - Soon Fung LTD
Sijia Chinese Pork Roujiamo (Hamburger) 165g - Soon Fung LTD
Ajinomoto Sumibi Yakitori (6) 210g 日式炭燒雞串 - Soon Fung LTD
Sija Kitchen Beef Roujiamo (Chinese Hamburger) 165g - Soon Fung LTD
Hong's Handmade Pork Dumplings 1kg 鴻字手工豬肉白菜鍋貼 - Soon Fung LTD
Kimson Frozen Braised Mekong Catfish in Caramel 300g - Soon Fung LTD