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Amoy Typhoon Shelter Style Sauce 220g 淘大避風塘風味醬 (Expired: 19/01/24)

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 It is formulated with a variety of garlic, spice and black pepper in a spicy style. Suitable for cooking with seafood, type of meat, tofu and veggie. Works particularly well with pan-fry and air-fry and deep-fry.

Country of Origin: Produced in Hong Kong


Ingredients: Garlic, Water, Canola Oil, Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean, Salt, Wheat Flour), Fermented Salted Black Bean (Black Bean (Soybean), Water, Salt) Salt, Sugar, Palm Oil, Maltodextrin, Acid Regulator (E270), Spices, Emulsifier (E471), Rice Vinegar (Water, Rice), Flavour Enhancer (E631, E627).