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J-Basket Long Life Udon Noodles 30x200g 烏冬麵 (箱裝)


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Chewy udon goodness.

A soft yet robust noodle texture that boils quickly and soaks up sumptuous amounts of flavour, these fresh udon are the perfect addition to your homemade stir-fries and noodle soups. Kneaded continuously in water to draw out the dense, starchy deliciousness, these udon come par-boiled and cook after just 1 minute and are easy to chill in ice afterwards. These noodles can be added to hot or cold dishes, providing a refreshing bite to hearty hot pots and broths, as well as creamy chew to cooler dressings and sauces.

 Country of Origin : Produced in China.


WHEAT flour, Water, Starch, Salt, Acidity regulator: E270, Stabiliser: E401.