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H Smith Boneless Roast Duck 600-650g 去骨烤鴨塊

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Boneless Roast Duck Halves (Without neck, wings and feet). Deep frozen - Two Portions. 

Cooking Instructions: 

Microwave: Microwave defrosted duck portions for 2 minutes on maximum heat (based on a 750 watt oven). Leave to stand for 3 minutes. Place under a hot grill, skin side up, for 1-2 minutes until golden brown and crispy. 

Oven: Arrange the defrosted duck portions on a baking tray. Place in a oven pre-heated to 200°C (400°F, Gas Mark 6) for 20-25 minutes until skin is crisp. 

Country of Origin: Produced in Thailand


Ingredients: Duck 98%, Salt, Pepper Powder, Glucose Syrup