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Kibun Chikuwa Takebue Fish Cakes 160g Gluten free 紀文 竹輪燒

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A pack of 5 steamed then grilled fishcakes in the traditional chikuwa tube shape with added sea bream.


Surimi (Fish (Nemipterus Spp.), Sugar, Egg White Powder (Eggs), Emulsifier: E450 Emulsifier, Emulsifier: E451emulsifier, Emulsifier: E452), Water, Modified Starch, Fully Refined Soy Bean Oil, Salt, Soy Protein, Sugar, Glucose, Mirin Style Seasoning (Glucose Syrup, Water, Acetic Acid E260 Acidity Regulator, Lactic Acid E270 Acidity Regulator, Yeast Extract, Ammonia Caramel) E150c Colour, Monosodium Glutamate E621 Flavour Enhancer, Egg White Powder (Eggs), Firming Agent: E170 Firming Agent