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Royal Gourmet Malaysian Brown Sugar Sponge Cake 310g 皇朝美膳馬拉糕


A Light, springy, fluffy steamed cake


IngredientsSugar (29%), Egg (27%), wheat flour (18%), evaporated milk (milk, stabiliser (E339), vitamin D), milk powder (blend of dairy ingredients, vegetable fat, dried glucose syrup (annatto), dried whey, dried skimmed milkmilk protein, hydrogen lactose, vegetable Oil, Acidify Regulators (E331, E340), Emulsifier (E471)), Custard Powder (Corn Flour, Salt, Colour Flavouring), Butter, Vegetable Oil, Raising Agent (E521, E341, E500), Acidity Regulator (E5011, (Soya Sauce (Sugar, (Soybean 22%, Water, Wheat Flour, Sesame, Spring Onion, Garlic, Flavour Enhancer (E621), Preservative (E210), Raising Agent (E500)