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Frozen Fruit, Vegetables & Beancurd

Yutaka Renkon Slice Lotus Root 500g - Soonfung
Sold Out
Yutaka Edamame in Pod 500g - Soonfung
Goma Wakame - Seasoned Seaweed Salad 500g - Soon Fung LTD
Frozen Tempeh (Fermented Soya Beans) 400g - Soon Fung LTD
Kimson Frozen Sliced Lemongrass (切片柠檬草) 200g - Soonfung
Yutaka Frozen Wakame Salad 1kg - Soon Fung LTD
1 in stock
Frozen Taro Slices (芋头片) 1kg - Soonfung
Foodworth Frozen Musang King Durian Pulp 400g - Soonfung
4 in stock
Yutaka Edamame Shelled Soybeans 500g - Soon Fung LTD
Shen Dan Salted Duck Egg Yolk 220g - Soon Fung LTD
Yutaka Pumpkin Croquette (12 Pieces) 720g - Soon Fung LTD
1 in stock
Thai Crown Frozen Monthong Durian Without Seeds 400g - Soonfung
Sold Out
Imei Taro Croquettes (6 Pieces) 180g - Soon Fung LTD
Kimson Frozen Peeled Galangal 200g - Soon Fung LTD
5 in stock
Yamada Fermented Soy Bean - Natto Meijin Gokukotsubu Mini 3x40g - Soon Fung LTD
Imei Sweetcorn Croquettes (6 Pieces) 180g - Soon Fung LTD
Wel Pac Edamame Beans in Pods 454g 連殼枝豆 - Soon Fung LTD
Ashoka Frozen Curry Leaves 100g - Soonfung
5 in stock
Takano Okame Natto Gokukotsubu 170g (3-pack) - Soon Fung LTD
Freshasia Premium Musang King Durian 400g - Soon Fung LTD
Osato Natto Umai Ichiban 3pc 151.2g 日本納豆 - Soon Fung LTD
Kimson Half Cut Purple Yam 500g - Soon Fung LTD
Kimson Sugar Cane Stick 500g - Soon Fung LTD
Miles & Miles Japanese Style Sweet Potato Croquette (60g*8pcs) 480g - Soon Fung LTD
J-Basket Goma Wakame Salad 200g - Soon Fung LTD
DFK Japanese Style Pumpkin Croquette (60g*10pcs) 600g 日式炸南瓜餅 - Soon Fung LTD
J-Basket Frozen Seasoned seaweed salad with sesame 1kg - Soon Fung LTD
Manor Farm Popular Peas (冷冻豌豆) 907g - Soonfung
Lutosa Frozen Steak Cut Chips 2.5kg 雪藏薯條 - Soon Fung LTD
Welpac Frozen Salted Soramame 454g 急凍鹽味蠶豆 - Soon Fung LTD
Aviko Steakhouse Chips (10x20mm) 4x2.27kg 雪藏薯條 (箱裝) - Soon Fung LTD
Aviko Steakhouse Chips (10x20mm) 2.27kg 雪藏薯條 - Soon Fung LTD
Lutosa Steak Cut Chips (10x18mm) 4x2.5kg 雪藏薯條 (箱裝) - Soon Fung LTD