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Welcome to Soonfung

Welcome to Soonfung, the online Asian supermarket offering fresh, ambient & frozen produce delivered directly to your door. Our vast range of products means you can get dim sum delivered with your regular grocery items.

Royal Gourmet Siu Mai (Pork & Prawn) 燒賣(豬肉) (15pcs) 310g - Soonfung
Royal Gourmet Har Gau (Prawn Dumpling) (蝦餃) (16pcs) 400g - Soonfung
Royal Gourmet Char Siu (BBQ Pork) Bun (叉燒包) (6 Pieces) 310g - Soonfung
Royal Gourmet Mini Glutinous Rice (糯米珍珠雞) (4 Pieces) 510g - Soonfung
Royal Gourmet Siu Loong Bun (小龍包) (15 Pieces) 350g - Soonfung
Local Choy Sum ( 菜心) 500g - Soonfung
Enoki Mushroom (金针菇) 100g - Soonfung
White Pak Choi (白菜) 500-550g - Soonfung
Mooli (白萝卜) Each - Soonfung
Green Pak Choi (上海青) 500-550g - Soonfung
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Freshasia Chikuwa 200g - Soonfung
Freshasia Chicken & Mushroom Dumplings 400g - Soonfung
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Freshasia Pork, Shiitake Mushroom & Black Fungus Dumplings 400g - Soonfung
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Freshasia Pork & Chinese Leaf Dumplings 400g - Soonfung
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Marinated Spicy Duck Neck 300g - Soonfung
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Nongshim Chapagetti Ramyun Noodles 140g - Soonfung
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Sing Long Gula Malacca 400g - Soonfung
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Madame Wong Taro Ice Cream 5x80g - Soonfung
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Chimei 2 Colour Mantou Chocolate Flavour 480g - Soonfung
Figo Lobster Ball 500g - Soonfung
Figo Cheese Seafood Tofu 500g - Soonfung
Woh Hup Mee Goreng Paste 190g - Soonfung
Nissin Demae Ramen Tokyo Shoyu Tonkotsu 100g - Soonfung

Local Pick Up

Our soonfung warehouse are open for local collections from Monday - Friday 4am - 12pm.

We source from local artisan suppliers we know and trust, and who share in our commitment to quality, sustainability and naturally grown produce.