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Insta Rice Premium Jasmine Rice 5kg 茉莉香米

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Insta Rice Premium Jasmine Fragrant Rice - A Taste of Vietnam's Finest! 

Experience the enchanting flavours and delightful aromas of Vietnam's culinary heritage with our Insta Rice Premium Fragrant Rice. Sourced from the heart of Vietnam, this exceptional rice variety is a testament to the rich traditions and meticulous craftsmanship of Vietnamese rice cultivation.

Our Fragrant Rice is meticulously selected and handpicked to ensure only the finest grains make it to your table. The result is an impeccable grain that exemplifies premium quality and purity.

The grains are long, and slender, and possess a delicate texture that is perfect for a variety of culinary creations. Whether you're preparing a fragrant pilaf, a delectable Asian dish, or a refreshing rice salad, this rice will complement your dishes with its elegant texture.

Elevate your meals with the charm and authenticity of Vietnam's best rice. Insta Rice Premium Fragrant Rice is not just a staple; it's an experience. Bring home the essence of Vietnam and savour the fragrant legacy in every bite.

Taste the tradition. Taste the fragrance. Taste Vietnam with Insta Rice Premium Fragrant Rice.

Country of Origin: Produced in Vietnam


Ingredients: 100% Jasmine Rice