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Royal Gourmet Aromatic Duck 800g 皇朝美膳全香酥鴨


Aromatic Crispy Duck ("香酥鴨" Heung So Aap) is a dish very similar to Peking Duck. It is very popular in the United Kingdom, where it was first introduced in the latter half of the twentieth century. The difference with the preparations is that the duck is first marinated with spices, steamed until tender, and finally deep-fried until crispy. The meat has less fat and is drier and crispier compared to that of Peking Duck or traditional Roast Duck.

A favourite method of eating Aromatic Crispy Duck is to shred the duck and roll them up with raw cucumber slices, spring onions, and a dash of Hoi -Sin sauce (also known as Duck Sauce). The Aromatic Crispy Duck is one of Royal Gourmet's top sellers and is served in many of London's top Chinese restaurants.

  • Weight: 800g 
  • Vacuum Packed
  • Cuisine: Chinese

Country of Origin: Produced in the UK

Storage: Keep Frozen at -18°C or Colder

Shelf Life: Expires 1 year frozen from production

Preparation and Usage: Remove the duck from the pouch and allow it to defrost thoroughly in the refrigerator. Once fully defrosted place the duck in a suitable greaseproof tray. Place the tray on the middle shelf of the preheated oven at 200°c for fan assisted ovens or Gas Mark 8. Cook for 35-40 minutes or until golden brown and fully cooked through. The duck should be piping hot throughout.

For even better results, deep fry until fully cooked through and golden brown for crispier skin.

Serving Suggestion: Once the duck is thoroughly cooked, place it on a serving plate with plenty of room to shred the duck. Use a fork and spoon, to shred the skin and meat of the duck into thin strips. This is then ready to wrap with duck pancakes. Serve together with hoisin sauce, baton sliced spring onions and cucumbers (not included). Can serve as a start or main.  

Please note: Although extra care has been taken to remove all small bones, some small pieces may still remain. 

frozen Frozen 


Ingredients: Duck (95%), Flavour Enhancer (E621), Salt, Shaoshing Wine, Ginger, Galangal, Yellow Rock Sugar, Assorted Spices (Spring Onion, Star Aniseed, Cinnamon, Clove, Cardamom, Water)

Allergens: For allergens, see ingredients in BOLD