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Winner Foods Fresh Ho Fun 400g 環球麵廠 新鮮河粉


 Ho Fun, also known as wide flat Chinese noodles made from rice, has a unique ability to absorb flavors from meat and sauces while adding a fun and chewy element to any dish. 'Beef Chow Fun', a Cantonese favourite, can often be found in Chinese restaurants and takeaways, showcasing the versatility of this fresh Ho Fun from Winner Foods.

Country of Origin: Produced in the UK

Storage: Keep refrigerated. 

Shelf Life: Guaranteed 2 days shelf life excluding delivery date. 

Preparation and Usage: To loosen the noodles: Put Ho Fun in the microwave oven for 1½ minutes on medium power. Alternatively, soak the noodles in hot water for 2-3 minutes. 


Ingredients: Water, Rice Flour, Potatoe Starch, Rapeseed Oil